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Weight Loss Treatment for Men

Our weight loss treatment center is called Learn2Lose. It is a place where you lose the weight by gaining tools and medical support with a plan designed especially for you.

What are the Treatments?

At Learn2Lose, we offer a variety of different types of treatments tailored to your specific needs. We will recommend a treatment plan geared towards the best results we believe you will achieve. Our treatments include or combine medications, medical and supplemental injections that improve cellular function, oral nutritional supplements, nutritional foods, dietary monitoring, and exercise. We will perform a physical evaluation and determine the treatment plan right for you. Not only will you look and feel better, many of our patients lower their blood pressure and improve health risk factors.

The Weight Loss Programs:

The combination of medical treatments we offer are determined by your specific needs and programs that are designed around how much weight you would like to lose. Here are the categories:

10-20 lbs / Trim and Tone Program

20-50 lbs / New You Program

50 – 150 lbs / Health For Life Program

Weight Gain or Retention Can Be Linked to Food Hypersensitivity

Food sensitivity could be causing you to gain weight or be contributing to your severe difficulty losing weight. Food sensitivity is not the same thing as having a food allergy. The symptoms vary – they can be vague and can be overlooked, yet the reason for unwanted wait gain, bloating, and chronic inflammation. Left undiscovered, food sensitivity often leads to obesity and obesity related illnesses such as Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Learning more about your body and the foods that your body has difficulty digesting could help you to finally overcome your obesity and help you begin losing weight and feeling healthier. At Learn2Lose we wiill evaluate your diet and perform medical diagnostics to determine if this could be a factor.

Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.

“Will I get results?”

We hear amazing success stories from happy,healthy patients on a regular basis. We hope you’ll become one of them!