RenewWave™ ShockWave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

A clinically proven, non-invasive low intensity shockwave treatment improves erections, sensitivity and overall sexual performance in men of all ages.

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RenewWave™ uses low intensity acoustic shockwaves to treat the most common underlying cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), decreased blood flow. The impaired blood flow is often due to vessel narrowing and micro-plaque build up in the small blood vessels that supply the penis. RenewWave™ actually treats the underlying problem for long term results.

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Process :
The treatment uses pulsating acoustic soundwaves (also known as shockwaves) to increase blood flow and break down micro-plaque formations that many men develop in their blood vessels over time.
Effect :
Low intensity shockwaves stimulate angiogenesis and increase blood flow in the penis.
Result :
Better blood flow promotes stronger, harder and more sustainable erections and can enhance sensitivity as well.

Our mission

In many cases, men are reluctant to talk to their physician or follow through with treatments for erectile dysfunction. As a result, they are missing out on the pleasure and intimacy of sex with their partner. Struggling with ED can take its toll on your confidence, relationships, and sense of well being. We strive to discover and utilize the latest regenerative medical treatments to help patients repair and enhance their sexual function and enjoyment while being discrete and perform non-invasive procedures as possible.

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Dr.Croland, Owner, RenewWave ED Therapy

Day after day we talk to men who suffer with erectile dysfunction. If you are one of these men, and have avoided seeking treatment due to embarrassment, an aversion to invasive surgical procedures, or to avoid the potential side effects of taking oral ED medications, a more natural solution is now available for you. Over 85% of patients are pleased with the noticeable, long-term results - up to 3 years in some cases

Dr. David Croland
Medical Director, RenewWave ED Therapy

Meet Dr. David Croland

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Dr. David Croland leads the team of professionals utilizing RenewWave Soundwave Therapy, a division of Learn2Lose|Learn2Renew. Practicing medicine in the Carolinas since 1992, Dr. Croland sees patients at offices in Ballantyne and Matthews, North Carolina.

Dr. Croland is an Osteopathic Physician (also known as Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)), who has practiced medicine in the Carolinas since 1992. He earned his medical degree at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency training at the E.W. Sparrow Hospital Michigan State University Family Medicine Residency Program. In 1992, Dr. Croland attained board certification in Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine and later became certified in Obesity Medicine. He is currently certified by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.


We have worked with some amazing people

“Dr. Croland's male sexual health therapy was amazing. Just after a few sessions with Dr. Croland, the difference was noticeable. The response, firmness and overall confidence gained made me feel like a new man. There were no pills, no..” Read more

RenewWave Patient over age 50

“Get Your Sex Life Back! I'm 56 years old and have been a patient of Dr Croland since early 2009. I walked into Dr Croland's office at 281 pounds, and committed to the Learn2Lose weight loss..” Read more

Weight Loss & RenewWave Patient at Learn2Lose/Learn2Renew


Choose the right plan for you

A La Cart Prices : Shockwave Therapy Per Session Pricing: $550 per session | PRP P-Shot Per Session Pricing: $1900 | Botulinum Toxin 100 unit Add-on: $1500


Or Enjoy Significant Savings With Our Signature Package Pricing

RenewWave Silver

For Mild to Moderate ED

  • Six (6) RenewWave Acoustic ShockWave ED Therapy Sessions
  • One (1) PRP/PRF Vitality Shot (P-Shot)
  • 6 month supply of Tadalafil 5 MG Daily
  • Nitric Oxide assessment
  • Labs including testosterone screening

RenewWave Gold

For Moderate to Severe ED

  • Nine (9) RenewWave Acoustic ShockWave ED Therapy Sessions
  • Two (2) PRP/PRF Vitality Shot (P-Shot)
  • 6 month supply of Tadalafil 5 MG Daily
  • Nitric Oxide assessment
  • Labs including testosterone screening
  • One 100 Unit Botulinum Toxin Add-on (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau)

RenewWave Platinum

For Moderate to Severe ED with Obesity

  • Twelve (12) RenewWave Acoustic ShockWave ED Therapy Sessions
  • Three (3) PRP/PRF Vitality Shot (P-Shot)
  • 6 month supply of Tadalafil 5 MG Daily
  • Nitric Oxide assessment
  • Labs including testosterone screening
  • One 100 Unit Botulinum Toxin Add-on (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau)
  • 14 Week GLP-1 Medical Weight Loss Program including prescribed meds

Pricing Note

We're here to help with pricing

Erectile dysfunction treatment cost can vary depending on the type of treatment and duration of results. Other treatments available for ED may offer temporary help and can be very expensive considering the short term benefit.

On average, patients with mild to moderate ED require 6 sessions (One session every 3-8 days). Severe ED and Peyronie's Disease may require 12 or more treatments over a six to 12 week period. Numerous clinical studies have documented the effectiveness of soundwave technology for ED.

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