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The Science Behind PRP Shot for Male Enhancement

April 25, 2018

prp male enhancementPRP for Male Enhancement

Your own blood stimulates the growth of cells, and microcirculation.

When you have an injury to your soft tissue, your body naturally sends platelets to the area to start the wound healing process. Think back to your childhood, and the familiar healing process of a scrape on the leg after falling off of your bicycle. First, there is blood… then, it is kind of gross, but gooey puss forms around the wound. That’s a healthy sign that your body has produced white blood cells to help the healing process.  Finally, a scab forms, and eventually the area heals. New skin is generated where the injury occurred. Similar to this natural healing process, PRP treatments direct platelets to the specific areas you would like to improve. The taking of a patient’s blood and using those platelets for cellular rejuvenation was first practiced at sports injury clinics around the world. After the process was proven to be successful for treating orthopedic injuries, more uses for PRP were discovered.  At Learn2Renew, we use PRP treatment to stimulate new cells in the face, breasts, and scalp. When used for male enhancement, PRP is injected directly into the penis. This is known as the P-Shot. These platelets then release growth factors that stimulate blood flow, and regenerate the growth of healthy new cells, resulting in improved performance. Furthermore, size enhancement of the penis could result.

The Process of PRP Treatment

In our office, your own blood is drawn from your arm, then spun down in a centrifuge to separate the platlet-rich plasma (PRP). Dr. Croland has invested in a state-of-the-art centrifuge designed to yield the richest and most concentrated platelets possible for your treatment. The PRP is then prepared to be used via injection. Because it uses your own blood, there is no possibility of allergic reaction or infection.

Outside of the few initial pin pricks and having your blood drawn, these treatments are surprisingly comfortable! We have received several testimonials from patients who had great results.