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ED Cure Happy Man

RenewWave Sex Rejuvenation Package for Men

Introducing The Vitalize Package for Men

$3500 – Our Best Male Performance Regeneration Plan – Over $2000 Savings!

This Sex Rejuvenation Package includes:

  • Six (6) RenewWave Shockwave ED Therapy Sessions
  •  One (1) PRP/PRF Vitality Shot (P-Shot)
  • 12 month supply of Tadalafil (generic Cialis) 5 MG Daily – improves blood flow for healing and regeneration
  • Enjoy 20% off other regularly priced aesthetic procedures (Botox, Fillers, Skin treatments) and weight loss services
  • Additional RenewWave sessions only $250 per session
  • Additional PRP/PRF Vitality Shot (P-Shot) only $1100 during term of membership

Purchase the Vitalize RenewWave / PRP Package Now *convenience fee added to credit and debit purchases

This package is payable in full at sign-up, expires 1 year after sign-up, and is non-refundable