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“I recommend the treatment wholeheartedly. Get your sex life back.”

Read a testimonial from a 56 year old RenewWave patient

Here are some RenewWave testimonials and reviews we have received from people who are happy with the results of their treatments for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, and more. We are proud to share these comments and stories with you. If you had a great experience at one of our healthcare clinics, we would love to hear from you! Many people are sharing good news about the treatments we offer.

Dr. Croland’s Weight Loss Story

Hi, I’m Dr. David Croland and this is my story about my struggle with weight gain and the results I achieved with the weight loss program I ultimately developed after studying with experts in the field. Today, my patients trust me

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weightloss for men charlotte
Garren’s Weight Loss Story

When my wife and I came back from our wedding/honeymoon in St. Lucia, I knew that something had to change. I had been overweight the majority of my life. Even though I had dieted before, I knew that this time

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No Pills, No Recovery and Great Results

Dr. Croland’s new male sexual health therapy was amazing.  Just after a few sessions with Dr. Croland, the difference was noticeable. The response, firmness and overall confidence gained made me feel like a new man. There were no pills, no

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Ideal Weight Learn2Lose
Feeling Better than EVER at 50

Dr. Croland and his team took the time to listen to my goals and then lay out a plan to help me achieve them. Every step of the way, the team was supportive and encouraging. I reached my goal in

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Get Your Sex Life Back!

RenewWave ED Soundwave Testimonial: Get Your Sex Life Back! I’m 56 years old and have been a patient of Dr Croland since early 2009. I walked into Dr Croland’s office at 281 pounds, and committed to the Learn2Lose weight loss

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