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Get Your Sex Life Back!

April 25, 2018

RenewWave ED Soundwave Testimonial: Get Your Sex Life Back!

I’m 56 years old and have been a patient of Dr Croland since early 2009. I walked into Dr Croland’s office at 281 pounds, and committed to the Learn2Lose weight loss plan. I’ve maintained my weight at under 200 pounds (with a few lapses) since late 2009.

About 2 years ago, I began having problems with sexual performance. Not always, but I noticed, and so did my partner. My partner thought that it was her fault, I knew it was my issue. But when two people are involved, it gets complicated. I even started avoiding intimate situations because I feared that I might have to put up, so I shut up. Not the best recipe for a successful relationship. So, when Dr Croland told me about RenewWave sound wave therapy, the science behind it, and its incredible success in Europe, I decided to do some research. I couldn’t believe that I had not heard of this noninvasive treatment before. The success rates in clinical trials were amazing with well over 50% of patients experiencing positive results. I signed up. Six sessions over a six week period. I wasn’t skeptical, just nervous about the procedure. It’s a real leap of faith to let someone other than your partner, you know, touch you. But I’ve always trusted Dr Croland, so I committed. First session, get undressed, (you can keep you socks on), lie back in the chair a little mineral oil to ensure good contact, 10 minutes later, it was done.
I experienced no pain, no discomfort. The equipment looks like an old fashioned microphone or one of those fancy vibrating things with the mushroom head.

After the first session, I didn’t really experience a difference.  Starting after session 2, though, I started to experience positive change. Before therapy, I needed direct stimulation to stay aroused. At the start of the 4th week, I found that I could concentrate on other things, (you know what I mean) and still stay in the game. It gave me a renewed sense of confidence and control. This was not the only positive outcome I experienced in the following weeks. This therapy not only rolled back my sexual clock to my late 20’s, I swear it improved the look, (both at rest and aroused), the feel, the fullness, the blood flow, my urine stream, it really improved all function below the waist from the moment I wake up (morning wood), to the time I go to bed.

I recommend the treatment wholeheartedly. Get your sex life back. Don’t wait. Do it. You’ll thank Dr Croland. And your partner will thank you.

-Weight Loss & RenewWave Patient at Learn2Lose/Learn2Renew