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Garren’s Weight Loss Story

July 12, 2018

When my wife and I came back from our wedding/honeymoon in St. Lucia, I knew that something had to change. I had been overweight the majority of my life. Even though I had dieted before, I knew that this time had to be different.

In April of 2013, I was 6’4”, 304 lbs, 29 years old, and on a road to destruction. I had acid reflux, high blood pressure, and I snored (so my wife says). I came to Learn2Lose not for a quick fix but for help in slowly taking off the weight and keeping it off.

While it is still a work in progress, less than one year later I am down 89 lbs putting my weight at 215 lbs*! I have spoken to numerous people about the program at Learn2Lose and how wonderful I feel after seeing Dr. Croland and the staff there. I have adjusted my diet accordingly for me and I feel better than ever. I no longer suffer from acid reflux, I have normal blood pressure, and I no longer snore at night* (again, says my wife).

When I first started going to Learn2Lose, exercise wasn’t on my agenda. Now with all my extra energy I cannot imagine not exercising.

-Garren, lost 89lbs with Learn2Lose

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