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Erectile dysfunction treatment cost with ED Shock-wave device

RenewWave™ Shockwave Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost – Charlotte NC

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Shockwave Therapy ED PricesErectile dysfunction treatment cost can vary depending on the type of treatment and duration of results. Other treatments available for ED may offer temporary help and can be very expensive considering the short term benefit.

RenewWave™ uses low intensity shock waves to treat the most common underlying cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), decreased blood flow. The impaired blood flow is often due to plaque build up in aging small blood vessels that supply the penis. RenewWave™ actually treats the underlying problem for long term results. On average, patients with mild to moderate ED require 6 sessions (One session every 3-8 days). Severe ED and Peyronie’s Disease may require 12 or more treatments over a six to 12 week period. Numerous clinical studies have documented the effectiveness of soundwave technology for ED.