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PRP Breast Enhancement – What Can I Expect?

April 25, 2018

Just as men associate their masculinity with the size of… well- you know, many women associate their femininity with the size and shape of their breasts. So many women would like a little lift or enhancement in that area but forfeit the pain and downtime of surgical augmentation for a better, more natural option… breast enhancement with PRP- platelet rich plasma. This treatment is also known as the Vampire Breast Lift or PRP Breast Lift.

The Vampire Breast Lift ™ is a non-surgical, no downtime, form of breast rejuvenation that uses your own natural blood cells to improve the shape of the breast cleavage and nipple sensitivity. Similar to the Vampire Facelift using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), this procedure utilizes blood derived growth factors at the stem cell level, generating new tissue. This can also improve sensation of the breast, areola and nipples.

To be clear, PRP breast enhancement is not going to enlarge your breasts as artificial breast implants will. This treatment offers a natural, rejuvenating and fuller appearance to breast tissue. For women who are satisfied with their breast size but would love to rejuvenate the skin of the breasts, restore fullness, and regain sensitivity in areas where it has diminished, PRP is a great choice.

The PRP treatment starts with drawing a patient’s blood, spinning it  in a tabletop centrifuge and injecting into the breast tissue. The PRP produces new tissues in the area because of all that growth factors resulting in better cleavage and fullness. Women who try this procedure are pleased with the results.  For augmentation through a minimally invasive procedure, this is a great enhancement treatment.

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