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Do Men get Botox?

April 25, 2018

Yes! Dysport & Botox for Men – BROtox.

brotox botoxOver the past decade there has been a big increase in the number of men getting plastic surgery in general, with most of them getting minimally invasive procedures like injectables and fillers, which can reduce wrinkles as well as add volume to areas like the lips or temples. The biggest percentage of  men are choosing to get treatments targeted at reducing wrinkles. Dysport and Botox for men can work wonders in turning back time, and for prevention as well. Men should look distinguished, not extinguished!

What prompted the “Brotox” trend? Social media, possibly. The Instagram craze might be the reason. Posting selfies with confidence is important to men and women of all ages. And most important to many, men need to stay competitive in their careers as they grow older. An unspoken and unfortunate truth: perceived age and appearance does influence a persons perceptions and judgements. As we age we enjoy the benefits of experience and wisdom. Let Dr. Croland help you look the part! Whether you need to lose weight to achieve optimal health and appearance, or you need to erase forehead wrinkles and scowl lines, OR you need to enhance sexual performance, Dr. Croland has the knowledge and tools to help you optimize!

While more men may be choosing to go under the needle, they’re still not talking about it as much as the ladies. They are going in for the injections, but most men are not looking for a more ‘feminine’ or flawless appearance… they just want to look and feel younger and have confidence in their appearance.

As injectable cosmetics for men become less taboo,”Brotox” has exploded among Millennials, who will be the generation to end the stigma and boast the benefits of cosmetic enhancement for all genders. Young men are making injectables as much a part of their personal maintenance regimens as manscaping. Want to learn more about how injectable aesthetics can make you look and feel younger? Come see Dr. Croland for a consultation.