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Oh! The O-Shot

April 25, 2018

What is the O-Shot?

The O stands for orgasm. Yep, this platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment starts with taking a patient’s blood and then injecting the PRP into an area near the clitoris and inside the vagina. The result is stimulation of new cell growth which increases fullness, sensitivity, and can improve incontinence.

“SOOO how long will it last?” That’s a question we are frequently asked about this procedure. The rejuvenating effects can last 12-18 months.

A similar procedure for men is called the P-Shot.

Beyond the O…

The PRP shot for female enhancement helps many women who suffer from urinary incontinence. There are surgical procedures to correct this problem in women. Many women prefer to try the O-shot as an alternative to the invasive, painful and cumbersome process of undergoing surgery.  For women who have mild SUI-incontinence many will notice improvement or an outright ‘cure’ for this after receiving the vaginal PRP treatment.  These results can last for years.

Everyone is different, so the truth is that results can vary. With the risks essentially minuscule, compared to surgery, the O-Shot worth trying.

Oh yes! If you’re getting it to help with the incontinence problem… don’t forget the added benefit of increased response during intimacy.  No doubt, women are excited about this treatment for female sexual enhancement. Click here to learn more.