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Clinical Studies prove success with Sound Wave ED treatment

April 25, 2018

Sound Wave ED Treatment

Multiple clinical studies verify the effectiveness of the sound wave ED treatment used at our clinic to treat erectile dysfunction.

According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, Low intensity shock-wave therapy, also known as sound wave therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in certain parts of the body. It is proven that this process causes new blood vessels to form, improving blood flow to the region. Sound wave therapy was first used to help heart patients, people with kidney stones, and those with fractures and joint inflammation. Recently, scientists have investigated low-intensity shockwave therapy to help men with ED.

According to the ISSM article, based on actual research about this procedure, blood flow is critical to a man’s erections. When a man is sexually stimulated, arteries widen so that his penis can fill with blood. The blood is what gives the penis the firmness needed for vaginal penetration. A man who has problems with blood flow to the penis may have weaker erections or may be unable to have erections at all.

Until recently, treatments for erectile dysfunction were medications and somewhat invasive of painful procedures involving vacuum suction and injections. Most of these are geared to work only at the time of a sexual encounter, which is uncomfortable for the patient.  Sound wave technology allows men to have an erection on their own, without the discomfort of using a pill or device at the time they are ready to achieve an erection.

To administer a sound wave ED treatment, a clinician applies a device to the skin of the penis, which is coated in a special gel. Different areas of the penis are usually targeted. Treatment sessions may last for fifteen to twenty minutes. Men usually don’t need anesthesia or experience pain, although they might have a slight tingling sensation in the treated area.

Clinical trials of sound wave ED treatment have had encouraging results. Many men have found that their erections have improved and they are able to have intercourse. Men with more severe ED may still need to take ED medication or combine the sound wave therapy with an additional type of treatment.

For vascular related problems, doctors are seeing good results. Medical practitioners are looking forward to further developments with sound wave therapy, with the possibility of using it to treat different types of ED. They anticipate new protocols can guide them on the number of treatments needed and the best areas of the penis to target. Scientists are continually studying this new technology to discover more possibilities. For now it is confirmed that this is a pain free and safe treatment for ED related to blood flow.